Changes from version 1.0.0

The content-assist features of the Mads Editor were not always satisfactory. When entering an item in the definition of a Plan, a Table or an Expression in a Script, the choice of options was often a very long list including more than just what was possible. In Mads Version 1.1.0 this has been corrected.

In the case of Plan Items (see in the Plan Reference section), the improvements have come at the expense of two changes in the syntax, in the form of two new mandatory keywords that make the existing model files NOT fully compatible with this revised version. The editor would flag the problems, making them easy to fix. The changes are:

In the case of referring to calculation results in specifying either a Table Item (see in the Table Reference section), or a Script Expression (see in the Script Reference section), content-assist improvements are also based on the introduction of new keywords, namely comm _, var _, herd _ and herdClass _. Because they are optional, existing model file will not be affected, but you have to use them in order to benefit from the improvements in content-assist.