Running the model

A model is run, i.e. calculations are performed and results are produced, for a given plan.

Assuming that the editor content is valid and saved, and includes at least one Plan, to run a model, you first select a Plan, by double-clicking its name either in the editor or in the outline view.

To run the selected plan click either the "Mads Run Icon MADS/Evaluate Selected Plan" command of the MADS menu, or the Mads Run Icon MADS icon of the toolbar.

The entire set of calculation results is listed on the console. In addition, selected results are made visible in a user-defined way through print commands, or exported to a spreadsheet through export commands, commands that were specified through scripts included in plans, as explained in the Overview and detailed in the MADS Grammar section.

Depending on the value of the “Results as” attribute in the headers, the results will be produced in an editor either in plain text or in web format (html code). Results in web format get also rendered and displayed in a separate pop-up window. The normal commands of the editor or an external web browser can be used to save and / or print the results, as detailed in the Running a model Reference section.